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WRH was established in January 1991 by Bill and Lynda Hansen in Roswell New Mexico. From our
humble beginnings as a one-man consulting company to our current operations as a multi-state fishing
and rental tool provider, we have always prided ourselves on providing the best service and equipment at
the best price to our customers. Our selection of fishing tools is second to none. With inhouse 24 hour
Kutrite service our expertise and service is unparalleled. Furthermore, we treat our employees like family
and encourage them to take pride in the company’s image. We currently service New Mexico, West
Texas, and Arizona from our yard in Roswell.
We offer complete Open Hole and Production Fishing Services with proven experienced fishing
supervisors. Production services, including reverse units with various rental from BOP’s to blow down

tanks. Re-entries have always been our specialty. WRH uses the correct mud pumps for the job at hand
coupled with re-entry tanks with Swaco shakers, electric stirrers and mud hopper.
We are very proud of our growth and look forward to continuing to provide the highest quality tools,
equipment, people, and service to our customers. We believe you only have one chance to make a good


William R. Hansen
Founder & CEO
Our Services Include

Open Hole and Production Fishing  // Reverse Units  // BOP's // Mud Pumps  // 24 Hour Inhouse Kutrite   // Much more...

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Quality Guaranteed
Experienced Fishing Supervisors
24 Hour Kutrite Services
Exceptional Customer Service
Best Prices In 
The Industry
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